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Deposit Accounts

Regardless of your financial goals or lifestyle, you need an account to hold your hard earned money. White State Bank has an array of account options that will work for just about anyone, whether you are just starting out, saving for a specific goal, or investing in peace of mind for the future. Click here to compare the benefits of White State Bank's accounts.

Regular Checking

This is the most popular account for our customers. Enjoy benefits such as unlimited transactions, and no annual fees for debit cards and check writing.

NOW Checking

White State Bank offers a convenient way to earn interest on your money while having unlimited check writing and debit card access.

Basic Checking

A Basic Checking account from White State Bank gives you access to electronic banking services, debit card services and check writing, all with no minimum balance requirement.

Regular Savings

A Regular Savings account from White State Bank is a great way to save for an emergency or plan for the future. Taking advantage of this account is a convenient way to make your money grow.

IRA Savings

An IRA Savings account is a great way to save for your retirement. There are no deposit limitations and you receive a competitive interest rate on your deposits.

Christmas Club Savings

Looking for a way to plan for all those holiday expenses? A White State Bank Christmas Club Savings account will help you do just that. With no deposit limitations and a competitive interest rate, this account will be disbursed to you right before the holidays when you need it most.

Money Market

A Money Market account allows you to earn more interest on larger balances with a tiered rate structure and unlimited deposits.

Certificates of Deposit (CD's)

Certificates of Deposit (CD's) offer an easy way to earn a fixed rate of return over a set amount of time. Whether you have short or long-term savings and investment goals, Certificates of Deposit can be a valuable tool for you. White State Bank offers several options for Certificates of Deposit, with terms and deposit options to give you the convenience and flexibility you need. For current rates, contact us or stop in our South English location.

We also offer smart investment services and strategies, whether you're saving for a vacation, a wedding, or retirement, including Savings and Money Market Accounts.

Need some ideas and advice? Contact one of our advisors for more ways to make the most of your money.

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